Converse, TX is a very diverse community with a young and thriving population. Using ESRI Tapestry Segmentation, we are able to better understand the majority of where our residents work, shop, and play. Please click on the icons below to access additional information on the different segments that make up the City of Converse.

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  •  Rely on the Internet for entertainment, information, shopping, and banking.
  • Prefer imported SUVs or compact cars, late models.
  • Carry debt from credit card balances to student loans and mortgages, but also maintain retirement plans and make charitable contributions.
  • Busy with work and family; use home and landscaping services to save time.
  • Find leisure in family activities, movies at home, trips to theme parks or the zoo, and sports, from backpacking and baseball to weight lifting and yoga.
  •  Enjoy working on home improvement projects and watching DIY networks.
  • Make frequent trips to warehouse/club and home improvement stores in their minivan or SUV.
  • Own a giant screen TV with fiber-optic connection and premium cable; rent DVDs from Redbox or Netflix.
  • Very comfortable with new technology; embrace the convenience of completing tasks on a mobile device.
  • Enjoy dining at Chili’s, Chick-fil-A, and Panera Bread.
  • Frequently buy children’s clothes and toys.
  •  Residents are partial to trucks, SUVs, and occasionally, convertibles, or motorcycles.
  • Entertainment is primarily family-oriented, TV and movie rentals or theme parks and family restaurants.
  • Spending priorities also focus on family (children’s toys and apparel) or home DIY projects.
  • Sports include hunting, target shooting, bowling, and baseball.
  • TV and magazines provide entertainment and information.
  • Media preferences include country and Christian channels.