Converse EDC Incentives Philosophy

Converse is Open for Business!  
Converse is committed to creating an environment conducive to attracting and expanding businesses in our city.  We are quick and nimble and reduce the red tape.  We get things done.

 We want your Business to Succeed!  
We know that helping businesses thrive helps improve the quality of life for Converse residents and entrepreneurs, both big and small.  We actively work to help our businesses succeed -- which means you have come to the right place. In everything we do, we anticipate and listen to the needs of our business community, and we work hard with businesses to achieve what’s necessary.  To the extent possible, we will partner with you to advocate for your needs and remove barriers to entry.

We Believe in Converse!  
We are committed to buying local and buying Converse as often as possible, whenever possible.  We have many programs that demonstrate that we are here for you. Your business will receive the attention it needs and if you find that we are the right fit, you can believe that we will do everything we can – within our power -- to help you succeed.  We believe that coming here is quite simply the best business decision you will make.