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Placemaking and tourism play pivotal roles in transforming economic landscapes. These complementary forces generate significant revenue, create job opportunities, drive infrastructure development, stimulate local business growth, and promote cultural preservation. However, it is essential for the city’s stakeholders to balance economic benefits with sustainable practices to safeguard the city’s identity and ensure the well-being of its residents. By embracing thoughtful planning and community engagement, the city can harness the full potential of placemaking and tourism for continued prosperity and long-term growth.

The following projects are planned to begin during the noted FY Quarter with anticipated completion dates in parenthesis.

Q1: October - December 2023

Retail Leakage Analysis (February 2024)

Residents leave Converse for products, services, and entertainment that do not exist or are unavailable at their expected standards. This study will identify potential retail and service sectors that have room for growth.

Entertainment Assessments (March 2024)

Community feedback during 2023 Visioning activities revealed an appetite for more entertainment options in Converse. The organization will be engaging with residents to better understand what the community wants.

Q2: January - March 2024

Retail and Services Recruitment Plan (February 2024)

Develop a plan that identifies and prioritizes recruitment of retailers offering specific service and product offerings.

Entertainment Plan (June 2024)

Develop a plan that identifies entertainment opportunities for recruitment and/or event development in Converse.