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Executive Director

The Converse EDC is currently accepting applications for Executive Director. You may find the application page here. 


Job Description

Kat Lallo

BRE Manager

Kat Lallo a certified Business Retention and Expansion Manager thru the Business Retention and Expansion International organization (BREI), is passionate about creating economic growth opportunities to enhance the quality of life for Converse residents. 

The Converse EDC’s Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Program uses business visits, events and research to learn about our local business practices, future plans, and current challenges. When we are able to identify when a business needs help, we connect them to local or state resources.  Our local businesses know they can count on us! 

Studies show that 76 percent of new jobs are created by existing local businesses. On average, only about 15 percent of new jobs are created by new, external businesses.  Our BRE team wants to make sure our local businesses grow successfully, able to create and retain investment and jobs in Converse. Local businesses, please contact your EDC for a BRE visit.

Kat Lallo is a member of various economic and business retention organizations. She holds a BA and MS from Texas Tech University.

Marketing & Admin

Danny Lee

Marketing & Admin Asst

Danny is the Marketing and Administrative Assistant for the Converse EDC. He is passionate about helping Converse businesses by finding resources that aid them in whatever their needs may be. As a Converse resident, his goal is to showcase the Converse community as a great place to live and do business. He has experience with marketing on social media platforms and online platforms, such as Google, specifically Google AdWords. 

Danny holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of the Incarnate Word.

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