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Quality Jobs

Job quality is essential to realizing the ideals of the “American Dream”. Low quality jobs limit the purchasing power of a large segment of consumers, reducing the strength of the economy. In contrast, good quality jobs invest in human capability, boost productivity, and provide workers with the resources to express their wants in the market in the form of consumer demand. Quality work affords an individual the opportunity to save, to build the security and confidence that allows one to plan for the future and see oneself as a valued member of a community.

The following projects are planned to begin during the noted FY Quarter with anticipated completion dates in parenthesis.

Q2: January - March 2023

Target Industry Analysis (June 2024)

Identify and prioritize specific industries or sectors for focused support and investment to stimulate economic growth and development in a region.

Identify Employment Corridors (September 2024)

Identify employment corridors to strategically guide investment, policy decisions, and planning efforts to maximize economic opportunities and improve overall quality of life.