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Land Development

Municipal planning and land development offer a multitude of benefits for communities and local authorities. From fostering sustainable economic growth and efficient land use to enhancing quality of life, promoting environmental sustainability, and building climate resilience, these practices are instrumental in creating thriving and resilient communities. By engaging stakeholders, considering long-term objectives, and embracing innovative approaches, municipalities can harness the full potential of planning and development to shape a better future for their residents.

The following projects are planned to begin during the noted FY Quarter with anticipated completion dates in parenthesis.

Q1: October - December 2023

Land Inventories (June 2024)

Create inventories of  land owned by the corporation and vacant commercial parcels in Converse.

Land Entitlements & Disposition (September 2024)

Develop and implement a land entitlement and disposition plan for parcels owned by the corporation. The plan should include parcel specific goals (dates, uses, etc).

Q2: January - March 2024

Comprehensive Plan (September 2025)

Support city staff in the development of an inaugural comprehensive plan.