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Marketing & Communication

The key goals of marketing are to build relationships with key stakeholders, increase brand awareness among target audiences, and enhance the City of Converse’s reputation. This plan will focus on a variety of marketing channels including Digital marketing, public relations, sponsorships, and events. The work plan will be supported by a strong communication strategy to ensure that the organization’s messages are clear, consistent, and persuasive.

The following projects are planned to begin during the noted FY Quarter with anticipated completion dates in parenthesis.

Q1: October - December 2023

Portfolio (January 2024)

Create a portfolio of marketing materials to be used in social media and marketing campaigns.

Social Media Guide (January 2024)

Evaluate and create a social media best practices and purpose guide.

Brand Enhancement (2024)

Develop a strategy for enhancing the City of Converse brand.

Annual Networking Luncheon (April 2024)

Organize and host an annual commercial real estate professionals networking luncheon.

Public Surveys (September 2024)

Engage residents with an annual survey.

Citizen Leadership Academy (2024)

Assist with the development of a Citizen Leadership Academy.

Converse Business Council (2024)

Evaluate the feasibility of creating a Converse specific business council or chamber of commerce.

Local Promotion (2024)

Continue to work with BR&E and City of Converse to promote local events and resources.